The father of monsters


“The lords upper half, appearing to be that of a man, reaches to the stars while his hands touch both the eastern and the western horizon.” – a cleric of Typhon describing his lord’s appearance to the newly blessed.

The Gods have not shared the knowledge of this creatures birth but humanity has none the less spread rumors ranging from it being a fallen God to it being a child of the land itself, birthed in retaliation to the Gods presence. What is known as fact though is that the creature is powerful enough to have successfully fought off members of the Pantheon on a few occasions and since its rise monstrosities have begun to appear throughout the land fighting the Gods and those that worship them. These conflicts sparked what all throughout the world know as The creation war. Many madmen, and a few countries, have opted to directly support Typhon, and its legion of monsters, in its war against the Gods. Typically these people feel that the Gods have no place on the mortal plane and their direct involvement with humanity is a celestial crime best punished by their new lord.


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